Rain or shine: Grand Seiko Elegance Collection ‘Seasons’

Grand Seiko takes inspiration from the beauty of nature and the changing seasons with four new GMT watches

Watches & Jewellery 26 Feb 2021

We switch up our wardrobe according to the weather, so why not match our watch to the changing seasons? With its latest collection, Grand Seiko pays tribute to the passage of time in nature with a quartet of GMT timepieces that draw inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of its native Japan.  

The traditional Japanese calendar is split into 24 seasonal phases, or ‘sekki’, and here the watchmaker has chosen to focus on four. Shunbun (spring) and Shōsho (summer) are both powered by the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT calibre 9S86. The former’s deep green dial nods to the lush flora that starts to bloom, from the cherry trees in the mountains to the sakura blossom that decorates the slopes. Meanwhile, the latter marks the end of the rainy season, its blue dial decorated with a wave pattern that recalls the warm wind that ripples across the plentiful lakes and ponds scattered throughout the country.

As we head into the darker evenings of Kanro (autumn), this is reflected in a deep black dial of this model, equipped with the Spring Drive GMT calibre 9R66. It is the same precise movement that powers the Tōji (winter), adorned with icy white dial that perfectly evokes a cool, crisp winter’s day.