Keep cool: Grand Seiko ‘Shizuri-Yuki’ Spring Drive

Winter is coming in style with Grand Seiko’s elegant Spring Drive watch inspired by the season in Japan

Watches & Jewellery 14 Oct 2021

As we say goodbye to the colourful shades of summer, the soon-to-be winter ushers in a rich and sophisticated new palette into our wardrobes. And this extends right down to the accessories, where elegant icey hues and warm rose golds start to make a welcome appearance.

Grand Seiko’s latest Spring Drive watch, limited to 60 pieces, is a case in point. Its design draws on the peacefulness of the season in its native Japan, and in particular the picturesque landscape of nearby Shinshu. Here, the stillness is interrupted only by the sound of the snow falling from the forest branches, this delicate cascade evoked to stunning effect through the texture on the white dial.

The sense of understated luxury continues to the rose-gold case, adorned with graceful lines of diamonds down either side. The precious stones have been carefully arranged to gradually decrease in size towards the end of lugs, creating a seamless, glistening sweep. Adding to its chic nature are the svelte proportions of the watch, measuring in at 10.2mm deep. Despite this, it comes powered by the highly precise Calibre 9R31, bringing a power reserve of 70 hours.