In the clouds: Grand Seiko ‘Unkai’ – ‘Sea of Clouds’ Quartz 44GS

Grand Seiko looks to a stunning natural phenomenon in its native Japan for an ethereal take on its 44GS

Watches & Jewellery 14 Jun 2022

In parts of Japan, including the beautiful mountainous terrain of Shinshu where Grand Seiko makes its quartz watches, a unique set of climate conditions come together to enable a particularly ethereal natural phenomenon. When it occurs 雲海 – unkai, the “sea of clouds” – can only be seen for a short period of time in the early morning, where clouds form at a low enough elevation that they can be viewed from above. 

This spectacular sight is reflected in the textured dial of a new Grand Seiko timepiece, limited to 2,000 pieces, decorated in crisp light blue tones. Its elegant nature extends to the classic, yet contemporary, elements across the watch, which continues the Grand Seiko design philosophy first established with the 44GS model in 1967 focusing on legibility, ease of use and precision. 

The last in this list is particularly demonstrated in the 9F895 quartz calibre at the heart of the watch, delivering an accuracy of -/+ five seconds per year. To ensure only the best-performing crystals make it into its watches, they are aged and rigorously tested by Grand Seiko over the course of three months. It also incorporates a number of innovations, from the instant date change mechanism that swiftly changes the date display to the sealed structure that means high retention of lubricating oils, ensuring the timepiece’s precision for decades to come.