Home time: Carl F Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Limited Edition

Carl F Bucherer pays tribute to cities around the world with 16 special editions of its Heritage BiCompax Annual watch

Watches & Jewellery 5 May 2022

Think Switzerland and it brings to mind beautiful mountainous landscapes, chocolate, cheese and, of course, watchmaking. Even centuries on from when the first horological pioneers set up shop, the country remains the undisputable heart of the industry. However, like any business, these pioneers have adapted to the modern, international age. And just as they have expanded their own horizons and influences, they have also gained a fanbase that extends across the globe. 

Carl F Bucherer’s own heritage is intricately tied to its hometown Lucerne, tracing its origins in this picturesque Swiss city back to 1888. Today it maintains this same artisanal approach but with a more cosmopolitan outlook, which it is celebrating in a new collection that pays tribute to its different adopted “home towns” around the world. 

Out of the 16 locations represented in special editions of its popular Heritage BiCompax Annual watch, its home country gets a strong showing, highlighting cities including Basel, Bern, Geneva, St Gallen, Zermatt and Zurich, as well as of course Lucerne. It then extends to close neighbours such as Munich and Vienna, plus prominent global cities including Beijing, London, Tokyo and New York. 

Each city’s timepiece is limited to 88 pieces (except the Beijing watches, which are limited to 188) and comes with a 3D-look engraving on the caseback of a landmark from the destination, from the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben. The dials are equally eye-catching, presented in a gradient effect that radiates from silver to deeper hues towards the outer edge. These come in shades of yellow, brown, burgundy, green, and mint, with colours assigned to the different cities.