Gear up: Breitling Top Time Classic Cars Capsule Collection

Breitling looks to three icons of American car culture as inspiration behind a collection of vintage-inspired watches

Watches & Jewellery 1 Sep 2021

Classic cars and watches share a similar appeal, one that’s just as much about how the products make you feel and the unique stories behind them as the technical details and precision engineering that powers them. Breitling has tapped into this natural synergy with a new trio of timepieces paying homage to American car culture, drawing inspiration from three of the most iconic motors in history.

The canvas for these special models is fittingly the Breitling Top Time, originally launched in the 1960s and with its own retro charm. Perhaps the boldest makeover comes in the form of a watch that draws from the Chevrolet Corvette, specifically the C2 from the mid-1960s, often referred to as the ‘sting ray’ by collectors. This is seen in its eye-catching red-and-black dial and, like all the watches in the new collection, it features the corresponding car’s logo engraved on the caseback.

A striking green watch takes its cues from the Ford Mustang, which – after it was developed in 1964 – fast became a favourite with Hollywood’s big hitters, as well as playing a starring role itself on the silver screen. Meanwhile, the handsome blue-dialled Top Time was inspired by a distinctive paint job seen on the Shelby Cobra, which was created by the American race-car driver and manufacturer Carroll Shelby for competitions in the 1960s.

The Corvette and Ford Mustang-inspired watches both come in a comfortable 42mm size, powered by the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 25, a 1/8th of a second chronograph movement bringing a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. The Top Time Shelby Cobra is a slightly svelter 40mm, instead powered by Breiting’s 1/4th of a second chronograph movement, the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 41.