Ocean adventures: Seiko Prospex LX ‘Antarctica’ Limited Edition

Seiko looks to mysterious underwater greenery for the inspiration behind its colourful diver's watch

Watches & Jewellery 6 Aug 2020

Seiko Prospex LX 'Antarctica' Limited Edition

Underwater exploration brings to mind vast expanses of deep blue ocean, but for its new diver’s watch, the Prospex LX ‘Antarctica’ Limited Edition, Seiko has brought to the fore a different colour – green. Beyond its sophisticated and sporty aesthetic, the hue has its roots in the watchmaker’s long history of adventure and innovation.

Seiko launched Japan’s first-ever diver’s watch in 1965, with its robust and reliable timepieces accompanying researchers and explorers as they tackled some of the most challenging environments on early. This latest limited edition takes its inspiration from the Skarvsnes Foreland, located near the Showa Japanese research centre in Antarctica. It was here that a centuries-old forest of moss pillars was discovered deep in its waters. They were nicknamed ‘kokebozu’, combining the Japanese words for moss (koke) and young boy (bouzu).

This timepiece, limited to 500 pieces, is based on one of the watchmaker’s historic designs from 1968, its first diver’s watch combining a water resistance of 300m with a precise, high-frequency movement. Bolstering its underwater credentials is the unidirectional bezel fitted with a rugged cermet exterior panel, while the strap is fastened with a clasp fitted with a push-button diver-adjusted mechanism. Its name, LX, takes its cues from the Latin word for light, with the mirrored surface of the case offering a contemporary and sporty look when paired with the bold green dial.