Gems of time: Bulgari Serpenti Scaglie

Bulgari’s glamorous Serpenti gets a dazzling new outing in a limited edition exclusive to the UK

Watches & Jewellery 2 Nov 2021

Bulgari Serpenti Scaglie

Bulgari’s famous Serpenti watch, which seductively wraps its way around the wearer’s wrist, is the product of centuries of interpretation, mystery and design. Throughout time the serpent has come to represent fertility, regeneration and immortality–in Greek mythology, the motif of the creature biting its own tail echoes the cyclical nature of life. Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt, the figure of the snake was adopted to denote status and royalty.

And Bulgari’s distinctive timepiece that draws from its form has a similarly storied history since it was introduced in the 1940s. The latest chapter comes in the form of a glamorous new SerpentiScaglie, a striking, bejewelled iteration exclusive to the UK in a limited edition of just seven pieces.

The angular form of the scales that make up its bracelet has been created using the lost wax technique, an ancient process that uses wax moulds to craft intricate designs in metal. Here it is presented in 18ct rose gold, with each of the delicate links set with brilliant-cut diamonds that beautifully catch the light with the curve of the looped bracelet. Bulgari’s unparalleled expertise in gem-setting extends to the pavé-set diamond dial, which whimsically takes the form of the snake’s head.