Brave face: Avi-8

The new Hawker Hurricane timepiece pays tribute to celebrated RAF flying ace, Sir Douglas Bader

Watches & Jewellery 4 Dec 2019

Av-8 Hawker Hurricane

Av-8 Hawker Hurricane

As a double amputee, Sir Douglas Bader was one of the most celebrated flying aces for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Working closely with Sir Douglas’ family, watch manufacturer Avi-8 has produced the new Hawker Hurricane timepiece commemorating Sir Douglas’ time as Wing Commander of 242 Canadian Squadron and his Hawker Hurricane fighter plane. Limited to 726 pieces (in three colourways), each watch is uniquely numbered and, in addition to a lump sum donation, Avi-8 will donate 10 per cent of all sales to the Douglas Bader Foundation.

From £225;