Book smart: MB&F x Eddy Jaquet LM Split Escapement

MB&F looks to the works of Jules Verne for a collection of intricately engraved timepieces

Watches & Jewellery 23 Sep 2020

A unique sense of curiosity and adventurous spirit has long run through MB&F’s creations. It’s little surprise therefore, that founder Maximilian Büsser has turned to the works of Jules Verne to inspire some of their most recognisable timepieces such as the Legacy Machine family. A new special collection pays tribute to the famed author, with eight intricately engraved watches each inspired by a different one of his novels.

To bring these tales to life, the watchmaker enlisted the help of talented master engraver Eddy Jaquet, whose flowing script has appeared on the Legacy Machines for almost a decade. Here this has been dialled up a notch with eight unique and incredibly intricate designs used to adorn MB&F’s sophisticated LM Split Escapement watch.

A true display of creativity and ingenuity, none of these pieces of art are based on existing works. Instead Jaquet delved into the world of Jules Verne, reading up to 60 novels and short stories before selecting the eight stories that would inform these one-of-a-kind watches. These range from classics such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea and Around the World in Eighty Days to lesser-known masterpieces.

Then followed the challenging task of engraving his vision onto the dial plate, which presents its own difficulties due to its uneven thickness needed to accommodate the components of the movement. The watch itself was also adjusted to maximise the engraving space. This includes new openworked date and power reserve subdials, while the bezel was slimmed down to allow for the wide dial plate. Each of the watches is a unique piece, presented in an elegant red gold case.