Best angle: Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Series

Seiko adds four colourful, geometric timepieces to its sophisticated Presage range

Watches & Jewellery 3 Sep 2020

Seiko Presage Sharp Edge Series

There’s beauty in simplicity, something that the Japanese have mastered over the centuries. This is certainly true of Seiko’s watchmaking, which has a confident, clean aesthetic combined with carefully considered design details.

The new Presage Sharp Edge Series is a case in point, a collection of four watches with a contemporary feel that offer the versatility of being dressed up or casual with ease. The interplay of angular surfaces across the case and bracelet add to the modern look, enhanced in three of the models with a super-hard coating protecting the watch from scratches.

This multi-dimensional effect is also reflected in the dial, which incorporates a sharply-edged geometric pattern that intriguingly plays with the light. Like many of Seiko’s designs it has special meaning behind it, taking inspiration from the Japanese Asanoha, or hemp leaf pattern. Used in Japanese design for more than one thousand years, it has come to represent rapid, strong growth and good health.

The dial comes in four sophisticated variations, each taking inspiration from a traditional Japanese colour; Shironeri, an unbleached silky white, indigo-hued Aitetsu, deep green Tokiwa and Susutake, a brown-toned smoked bamboo. Each are powered by the calibre 6R35, offering a power reserve of 70 hours.