Brummell spring 2022

Brummell is delighted to announce the publication of its spring 2022 issue, which arrives with the anticipation of being able to travel and adventure once more

Travel and Wellbeing 15 Mar 2022

Illustration: Hiking Harry by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

In recent times, never has the ability to travel been so precious. Of course, we value it even more than ever now we can begin to open our wings, dust off our luggage and head further afield for the sun, or the mountains, for fulfilling exercise and adventure or sybaritic relaxation. Whether we want to push ourselves to our physical and mental limits or simply empty our heads of the punishing isolation and stress of life-limiting lockdown, we’re at a point where, with careful paperwork and a small amount of swabbing, we can cross borders and head off.

This spring issue of Brummell arrives with the green shoots of anticipation, and we offer up an eclectic mix of stories to inspire travel and adventure, to promote wellbeing and the necessity of looking after yourself. So, we arrive on Easter Island 300 years after its discovery by European sailors and immerse ourselves in the myths of the stone heads that puncture the landscape. We delve into some responsible travel companies offering bespoke expeditions for the eco-conscious traveller, and meet the mountain photographer Colin Prior, a true giant of British landscape photography, who keeps returning to capture the majesty and beauty of Pakistan’s Karakoram range, home to the most dangerous peaks on the planet. Plus, we explore the best adventure sports bikes on which you can road-trip your way around the world (in the exhaust fumes of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman) or just nip down to the shops.

Along with the regular round-up of watches to pair with your adventures, and sartorial suggestions for travelling in style, we talk to the founder of Wanderlust Wine, whose enviable job involves travelling the world in search of great wines from small producers with eco creds. And we recommend a luxurious South Tyrolean spa that lives up to its “transformational” mission, or at least equips you with ways to take a clearer look at what you’re dealing with in your life.

Let travel not only broaden your mind, but enrich it, too. We hope you enjoy this issue.