A moment of motivation with Jason de Savary

The founder of London boutique fitness brand Core Collective on online fitness classes and the importance of staying fit while social distancing

Travel and Wellbeing 1 Apr 2020

Core Collective has launched CCTV an online portal with on-demand exercise classes
The luxurious interiors of Core Collective are the background for CCTV's online workouts
CCTV features instructors from Core Collective gyms

Can you tell us a bit about Core Collective and how you started it?

I founded Core Collective in 2015 as one of the first boutique fitness brands to offer pay-as-you-go classes in London. Our fitness philosophy is based on the pursuit of collective self-improvement, not perfection. Classes are designed by some of London’s finest trainers who are on a mission to bring results-driven, fun and flexible classes in a community-focused environment. We now have studios in Kensington, Knightsbridge and St John’s Wood that all offer a diverse range of classes as we believe that variety is key for results and to achieve personal goals.

What motivated you to move Core Collective online?

My team and I believe that fitness has the power to change everything, from sleep and decision making, to mental and physical wellbeing. We wanted to make fitness accessible to all: wherever, whenever – so taking Core Collective online was the natural next step.

As a result of our increasingly mobile and busy society, we’ve listened to members’ feedback for on-demand fitness classes and wanted to enable customers to continue their much-loved Core Collective workouts when suits them best. We also wanted to make Core Collective workouts available to those who perhaps don’t live in London and reach new audiences that way. It’s a great way for us to widen our community nationwide and get a gauge for the appetite further afield.

Core Collective's Jason de Savary
Core Collective’s Jason de Savary

Can you tell us about the set-up of CCTV and how it will work?

CCTV consists of a series of on-demand videos to stream, encompassing the entire Core Collective workout offering with a range of durations from five to 45 minutes.

Each video has two participants to show beginner-level through to advanced modifications of each exercise, so the workouts are suitable for an audience with a broad range of fitness experience. All videos have been filmed in the Core Collective studios, giving new users a glimpse of our studio aesthetic, which is a big part of our DNA.

We offer a seven-day free trial period and then users can sign up to monthly subscription service for £12.99 a month or purchase on an annual basis for £9.99 per month. It’s mobile-, laptop- and big-screen-friendly and we’re planning on launching a mobile App version this summer!

What classes will be available and what will you need?

CCTV encompasses the entire Core Collective offering under six categories: Sweat, Train, Strength, Pilates, Yoga and Extras. We’ve designed the classes so users will generally only need one or two pieces of equipment and these are listed in the online class descriptions.

We would suggest investing in one kettlebell that you’re happy doing swings and deadlifts with and a set of dumbbells that you can do an overhead press with. For Pilates and Yoga, you’ll need a mat, strap, Pilates ring and Pilates ball. If you’re new to yoga, you might find a block helpful, as well as a standard yoga mat. We’ll be tweaking and updating our CCTV offering based on feedback so far. Users can expect to see some new bodyweight workouts uploaded to the platform soon – ideal for those unable to access equipment.

How often will you upload new content to the platform?

We’re continuously working to ensure fresh, new content is added regularly to keep our community motivated. We’ll be uploading a range of downloadable PDF workout plans over the coming weeks followed by a drop of new video content on 7 April.

The launch of CCTV is particularly relevant now everyone is social distancing. Does the current situation demonstrate the importance in offering flexible solutions to clients?

We are in an unprecedented time where at-home and mobile solutions are needed more than ever, plans and development for CCTV were already well underway before the current lockdown, as it felt like a natural progression for brand to ensure fitness can be flexible and added into everyone’s daily routines and busy schedules.

It feels like now more than ever, it is important to provide people with a way to keep moving while at home, its vital to keep healthy and find ways to reduce anxiety – nothing beats an endorphin rush post exercise.

What advice would you give to someone looking at CCTV to start out exercising?

We are building the platform to support your training and fit in with your lifestyle. I would suggest doing sessions that fit in with your current routine. If you’re going for a run, try adding a ‘finisher’ at the end for an extra burn with different emphasis. Or try the morning mobility routines and yoga.  As you get more confident just experiment and most importantly, have fun!

What are your tips for staying motivated when working out from home?

When I’m in London, pre-Covid-19 of course, I’m very active and love doing 45-minute classes most days. When at home, for me it’s about doing the things you enjoy and not punishing yourself for not doing as much as you’d like. Any movement and exercise is better than none. I like to experiment with equipment I don’t normally use, like skipping tabatas or more free weights, and combine that with my familiar workouts.

Is it important to find time to exercise even if you have a high-pressure job?

We strongly believe fitness really does have the power to change everything, both physically and mentally. We live in a hyper-connected and busy world, making it all the more important to find time to disconnect, and get moving. For me, working out is a way to force myself to take a step away from work and reset myself. I’m always more focused and productive when I make sure to exercise.

And how important is exercise for general wellbeing?

I believe it’s an essential part of a healthy and balanced life. Having a physical outlet for daily stresses and strains will help improve everything, it certainly does for me. So many of our clients find they eat, sleep and work better when they are regularly working out – hopefully, CCTV can help more people experience this for themselves.

In your opinion, what is the best way to start the day?

I’m just thankful for waking up at all these days. Normally though, I think you should start the day by taking some time for yourself, doing whatever sets your day off to a positive start.

Where is your favourite place to relax and why?

My parents’ house in the countryside. It’s so peaceful and gets you away from all the noise and distractions in London.

What piece of gym equipment can you not live without?

A rowing machine and a set of kettle bells. There are so many ways you can use these two pieces of equipment to challenge yourself in a different ways and intensities.

CCTV, Core Collective’s home on-demand online fitness classes are now available with a monthly (£12.99 a month) or annual (£9.99 a month) subscription. Visit the Core Collective website to find out and register for a seven-day free trial. core-collective.tv