Sunspel’s ultimate summer essentials

Sort out your summer wardrobe with the British brand's 30 per cent sale on its luxurious, easy-to-wear essentials. Here's what you need to know 

Style 22 May 2020

Sunspel offers the ultimate summer wardrobe essentials
Sunspel's exquisitely made t-shirts are the perfect hot-weather staple
Get the effortless chic of a Sunspel summer wardrobe this weekend with 30 per cent off

Sunspel is one of those magical brands that, in a typically British fashion, does what it does very well and without much fuss: providing wardrobe classics that you can wear year in and year out. The quality of its T-shirts in lightweight Sea Island and long staple Pima cotton (long fibres mean smoothness), and of its luxurious sweatshirts, knits and underwear for men and women, means that these pieces will last. But because the collection is also beautifully designed – and in particular, designed to fit the body – these elegant styles will last from a fashion point of view too, never dating, but simply improving with age.

Now, for today and this weekend (until the evening of Monday 25 May) Sunspel is offering a 30 per cent discount on a range of its summer staples. If you’re looking to refresh your summer wardrobe in lockdown, this is an opportunity to invest in some pieces that will suit at-home working or lounging, and then can be successfully pressed into service as you re-emerge into the outside world.

Sunspel's elegant styles improve with age
Sunspel’s elegant styles improve with age

The combination of quality and design is what makes Sunspel special. As experts in cross-over casual clothing, the Sunspel design team believes that knitwear need not be sloppy and sporty, but instead can be “tailored” to look smart. Thus, Sunspel genuinely provides an answer to that difficult smart/casual requirement – delivering a wardrobe well-suited to the flexibility in dressing demanded by today’s modern lifestyle. And never has this been more important, with lockdown life shining a light on how home and work are ever-increasingly intertwined.

The Sunspel story spans a century and a half. The firm was founded in 1860 and now­ – still based in the UK in Long Eaton, where it has been since the 1930s – this British firm can boast a series of pieces that it describes as “icons”: the classic T-shirt, the British boxer short and the Riviera polo shirt. All three have stories to tell; all three have links to popular culture: Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones’ drummer, wears the T-shirts and has them customised to allow him more movement for his arms; the Sunspel boxer short arguably introduced this style of underwear to the UK in 1947 and shot to fame when it appeared in the celebrated Levi’s “Laundrette” ad in the ’80s; and the Riviera polo shirt was restyled for Daniel Craig’s new 007 for Casino Royale and thus played a part in the rebranding of James Bond for a new era.

The current online promotion provides an opportunity to stock up on some timeless classics.

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