Stepping up: Crockett & Jones

After the temporary closure of its bricks and mortar stores, the historic British shoemaker has launched a fully transactional new website and e-commerce platform

Style 25 Mar 2021

Crockett & Jones launches new e-commerce site

Crockett & Jones launches new e-commerce site

Over the past year, as thousands of shops, restaurants and businesses have been forced to close their doors, having a strong online presence has never been more important. Even a traditional business such as Crockett & Jones, which dates back over 140 years, has risen to the challenge of transitioning online.

Launched earlier this month, the shiny new Crockett & Jones website and e-commerce department is designed to mirror the experience of shopping in-store. The British shoemakers, which was founded in 1879 and still makes its shoes by hand in Northampton, is proud to uphold its traditional values and craftsmanship, but understood the need to adapt in order to provide the best possible service for customers as the world went virtual.

The new website, which Crockett & Jones dubs a ‘fully transactional platform’, is overseen by a small team of expertly-trained staff, and offers a comprehensive library of ‘guides’ to help choose the perfect fit and even masterclass videos on looking after your new shoes. Buying any kind of shoes online can be risky business, even for the most experienced shopper. With this in mind, especially when it comes to the kind of formal dress shoes the brand is famous for, Crockett & Jones has provided in-depth guides on ‘Lasts’, ‘Style’, ‘Sole’ and ‘Material’ to give customers the necessary tools to help them choose the right pair. The online fitting guide encourages shoppers to take their time when choosing a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes online, offering a step-by-step process on how to measure your feet like a pro from the comfort of home.

‘We have created a new division that will sit alongside our current bricks and mortar retail stores,’ said a representative from Crockett & Jones in a statement. ‘It will be an extension of our stores around the world, sharing stock and product knowledge to ensure Crockett & Jones retail continues to thrive during this new era in the company’s history.’