Soft touch: Brunello Cucinelli

The Italian fashion designer has launched a range of sumptuous handmade knitwear

Style 23 Dec 2019

Brunello Cucinelli Handmade Opera Knit

Brunello Cucinelli handmade Opera Knit

Based in the picturesque village of Solomeo, Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli’s philosophy is rooted in giving back to the local people and environment.

Cucinelli believes that nurturing the wellbeing of its skilled artisans makes a positive difference to the quality of the final product, ensuring all his workers can admire views of the surrounding landscape from their workstations. In the village, a theatre, library and a series of schools teaching traditional crafts have been built for the workforce and their families.

This winter, a series of beautiful handmade Opera Knits has been added to the women’s collection, with each piece taking up to 20 hours of hand labour to create. Made of alpaca and mohair in a variety of styles and patterns, they are a cosy and sophisticated addition to your winter wardrobe.

From £3,890;