Scents of place: Gallivant

Inspired by travel, Gallivant creates fragrances that tell stories of urban adventure

Style 23 Nov 2020

Gallivant's ninth fragrance, Bukhara

Gallivant's ninth fragrance, Bukhara

The sense of smell is closely linked to the part of the brain that processes emotion and memory and has the ability to instantly transport us to another time and place. With this in mind, Gallivant’s new perfume takes us on a virtual trip to Bukhara in Uzbekistan. This ancient place was not only one of the wealthiest and most beautiful cities on the Silk Road, but a melting pot, where cultures met and mixed. This is what inspired Nick Steward, founder of Gallivant perfumes, to create a fragrance to bring alive in scent the story of this special city in Central Asia.

Bukhara – the ninth fragrance in Gallivant’s award-winning collection – is a spicy and earthy perfume composed around orris, one of perfumery’s most prized raw materials. It joins fragrances inspired by Tokyo, Los Angeles and Berlin, all gender-neutral and made in small batches here in England.

‘I was incredibly inspired by my journey across Central Asia, and by the Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan in particular,’ explains Steward of his newest creation. ‘Bukhara is the jewel in the crown, a magical place – a city of artisans, an architectural wonder, a beautiful and ancient crossroads.’