In praise of the white shirt: Thomas Pink

This summer, shirtmaker Thomas Pink is imploring men to fall back in love with the humble white shirt with a bold new fashion campaign

Style 8 Jul 2022

When is a white shirt pink? This is the question posed by shirtmaker Thomas Pink, who came back from a brief hiatus at the end of last year. The answer, if you’re still wondering, is when it’s a shirt made by Thomas Pink, of course.

The British brand, which was originally formed in the 1980s, has long been a favourite among City workers and erstwhile yuppies who favour quality-made, beautifully cut shirts without the designer price tag.

New for the summer season is a fashion campaign that puts the white shirt (Thomas Pink’s bestseller) front and centre. The idea is to showcase the humble white shirt as the “building blocks” of the male wardrobe, with a campaign that illustrates its versatility via casual, vintage-inspired looks contrasted with more formal styling. The campaign, which was shot by lauded fashion photographer Pelle Crépin, co-stars Peaky Blinders actor-turned-model Harry Kirton.

Dean Gomilsek-Cole, creative director of Thomas Pink, described Harry as ‘the perfect choice for this campaign’ due to the actor’s ‘quirky British look’.

Peaky Blinders actor Harry Kirton co-stars in the new Thomas Pink white shirt campaign

‘[He] has literally grown up on screen playing the very dapper Finn Shelby,’ Gomilsek-Cole added. ‘In his personal style, he loves to dress elegantly and to have fun with his clothes, which sits perfectly with Thomas Pink’s spirit.’

Kirton himself understood the intention of the white shirt campaign, commenting: ‘The tone of the shoot is great, as it shows that while the shirts might be classic, they can be worn in a way that has some attitude and is not samey. There’s so much more life and fun in this approach, and the shirts lend themselves to it. The white shirts are still quite formal, but there’s something about them that has a bit of pizzazz and a new take on the idea.’

Look out for the new Thomas Pink white shirt campaign on outdoor posters in London, in print and digital advertising and on a series of pink-coloured London buses.