Next Generation: Soriano Motori EV Motorcycles

Soriano Motori Corporation's sleek new EV designs are set to electrify the motorcycle industry

Motoring 2 Jun 2020

Giaguaro Limited Edition 2021 motorcycle

Giaguaro Limited Edition 2021 motorcycle

Launching a new brand during the COVID-19 pandemic is no mean feat. However, it’s not material possessions that most people are longing to embrace post-lockdown, but a renewed sense of freedom that many desire.

For all motoring enthusiasts, there is nothing more liberating than the speed, power and exhilaration that comes with driving (or riding) on the open road, and the dream of personal freedom and mobility is something that the name ‘Soriano’ has a particular affinity with. Distinguished Mechanical Engineer, Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz first developed a racing car engine in the 1920s, and went on to lead innovation in automobile design from racing on the French Riviera to outboard motors on the coast of Catalonia and motorcycles in Madrid.

Drawing on this rich history of innovation, in 2020 Marco A. Soriano has founded the Soriano Motori Corporation, a new division and revival of his family’s original vintage motoring company, with a focus on developing state-of-the-art electric motorcycles, accessories and apparel, of unparalleled style and performance.

The new Soriano collection is available for pre-order
The new Soriano collection is available for pre-order

Despite the times of uncertainty, Soriano is no stranger to taking calculated risks. Not only is he a keen motorcyclist himself, he is Partner and Chief Investment Officer at the Soriano Group Family Office, a leading consortium of global enterprises, with offices in the United States, Europe, LatAm and Asia, and he has served as a VP at Goldman Sachs Private Banking division in London.

Now available to pre-order online, the EV motorcycle series comprises three limited-edition, numbered models, with 500 of each model – the V1-R, V1-S and V1-GARA. Designed and made in Italy, each model is powered by a dual lithium ion (li-ion) battery system.

The V1-R features the twin duo-flex Soriano superpower engine platform found in the EV Soriano limited edition, but redesigned and renamed the EV Giaguaro. With sophisticated electronics based on a 6-axis inertial platform, a more comfortable rider seat and the suspension set up, the V1-R offers improved yet safer sports performance with 3 gears, making road riding more enjoyable and user-friendly than ever.

Soriano has also launched a collection of sleek clothing and helmets, including this leather jacket
Soriano has also launched a collection of sleek clothing and helmets, including this leather jacket

The sporty EV Soriano V1 S Giaguaro 2021 reinterprets the original Soriano 1941 Pantera motorcycle style with a contemporary look, integrating horsepower and a modern 60kw power pack with the interface of the recent invention of the duo-flex Soriano superpower engine platform. Powerful yet agile, it combines the performance of a half-naked sport bike with that of a muscle cruiser and is available in eight unique colours, combining rims, brake pads and its tyres.

The most impressive of the three models, the V1 GARA is visually compact and light, merging elements of both the other two V1 versions, such as double battery slots, duo-flex Soriano super-power engine, sculpted battery space and compact silencer with two overlapping exits and rear wheel, with a visible ‘Y’ spoke design.

To ensure your biking attire looks and performs as well as the motorcycle you’re riding, Soriano is launching a line of sleek yet practical leather trousers, jackets and a helmet for men and women. Owners of one of the V1 series motorcycles can also be part of an ‘Owners and Lifestyle Club’, with exclusive access to VIP style and racing events, as well as an invite to the Soriano Motori factory in Italy.

It’s the ultimate post-lockdown, adrenaline-fueled freedom.

Available for pre-order from £23,240 for the V1-R model;