Eco excellence: Porsche

Porsche goes green with the fully electric Taycan Turbo

Motoring 8 Apr 2020

Porsche Taycan 4S

Porsche has started to roll out the lowlier versions of the mighty Taycan Turbo. Though not a turbo at all – and actually a fully electric, Greta Thunberg lapel badged eco barnstormer – the Taycan was Porsche’s first foray into the non-petrol world and the Turbo proved it did not have to be a lesser motor for anyone with even the slightest automotive heartbeat. In keeping with Porsche’s normal naming protocol, the cheaper, less powerful versions are released after the halo model. The good news for buyers is that the ‘4S’ is £30k cheaper than the Turbo and despite being a tad down on performance it still feels lightening quick and may convince at least a few petrolheads to throw in the towel and go green.