Taste of something new: Storywood Tequila

Storywood are the only tequilas matured in whisky or sherry barrels for a fiery and complex result that’s perfect in cocktails or neat

Food and Drink 16 Oct 2020

Storywood Tequila is aged in whisky and sherry barrels
Storywood is delicious drink neat or in cocktails
Storywood Speyside 14 Anejo Tequila is matured for 14 months or more in Speyside whisky barrels

For spirit lovers who crave a taste of something new, Storywood Tequila might provide the delicious answer. This tequila is crafted from the finest 100 per cent blue weber agave and is processed according to the most carefully executed traditional techniques. To create something completely new, however, the resulting spirit is then matured in whisky or sherry barrels.

Storywood is the creation of Scotland-born and Texas-raised gourmand Michael Ballantyne who wanted to combine the most famous expression of his homeland with the favourite drink of his adopted home. Ballantayne is a drinker of darker spirits and loves whisky – he wanted to find a way to combine the complexity of tequila with the beauty of a good aged whisky. In 2016, he moved to Mexico and after meeting with master distiller Luis Trejo of La Cofradía he decided to embark on a journey of spirit ageing in wood, and to introduce whisky drinkers to the delicious joy of tequila.

As he says, ‘There’s an expression in Scotland, “it’s the wood that makes the whisky”. We’ve taken that phrase, and what we know from one category to adapt it to another.’ The result is Storywood – barrel-aged premium tequilas that are perfect for sipping or combining into irresistible cocktails. The multi-award-winning Storywood Speyside 7 Reposado spends seven months or more in Speyside whisky barrels to create a tequila replete with notes of caramel, oak, vanilla and honey. The lauded Storywood Speyside 14 Anejo spends at least 14 months in Speyside whisky barrels and boasts delicious flavours of roasted nuts, treacle toffee and toasted oak. The Storywood Speyside 7 Cask Strength is a punchy 53 per cent and has won multiple awards including the Chairman’s Trophy and Top 100 Spirits at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge for its rich complexity.

Storywood also has two limited editions – the Storywood Sherry Reposado, aged for seven or more months in Olorosso sherry barrels to produce a dark tequila full of sweet cherry and jammy flavours. And a Storywood Double Oak Anejo, aged for 14 months or more in Speywide whisky and Olorosso sherry barrels for a honeyed, cherry, earth agave finish.

For spirit drinkers, the Storywood range is a true masterclass in combining expertise across continents to create something that feels new and familiar at the same time. And most importantly, it tastes delicious.