Summer sipping: Craft Rum Club

A new premium subscription service offers an unparalleled education in the world’s finest rum expressions

Food and Drink 9 Jul 2020

The Craft Rum Club hopes to educate drinkers in the complexity and craft of the rum
Rare international rums are delivered to your door with mixers, snacks and cocktail recipes with the Craft Rum Club
Craft Rum Club includes recipes for delicious cocktails

They say rum is the new gin. The spirit has the same craft energy and complexity of flavour but has the advantage of not having the same harshness on the palette as a gin or whisky. Rum is the perfect cocktail ingredient and premium expressions are also delicious when sipped neat.

Two London entrepreneurs, Kevin Beament and Donna Waite, established Craft Rum Club to celebrate their love of the finest craft rums from around the world. Craft Rum Club is a luxurious subscription service that sends a box every month, two months, or quarter to subscribers that includes a full-size 700ml bottle of premium rum, plus mixers, garnishes, snacks and cocktail recipes. It offers a great education for novices and the opportunity for even the most experienced rum drinker to discover new expressions and cocktails.

The two founders wanted to start the Craft Rum Club to challenge the perception of rum being an older person’s drink of choice and to introduce the history, craft and flavour of this spirit to a new audience.

“In launching Craft Rum Club, we wanted to disrupt rum’s reputation as the harsh forgotten spirit,” says Beament. “Bringing premium rums of all categories to the consumers’ doorstep every month, taking them on a journey and educating them on the many types of production processes and the passion distillers infuse into their rums is the key aim. We want to be the premier rum subscription club in the UK by elevating the rum category to new heights – not just through great rums, but through education and by making the younger generation connoisseurs of what they’re drinking.”