Small change: Small Beer Brew Co

Bermondsey's Small Beer Brew Co makes 'small beer' with lower alcohol and very big flavours

Food and Drink 4 Sep 2019

Small Beer Session Pale Ale

Small Beer Session Pale

A complaint often levelled at low or no- alcohol beers is that they lack the flavour of the ‘real thing’. That’s the problem James and Felix at Bermondsey’s Small Beer Brew Co set out to solve.

Specialising solely in the sustainable production of ‘small beer’ (between 0.5 and 2.8% ABV), they make beer that does not compromise on taste, but avoids the consequences of the full-alcohol version. Their new Session Pale has bright citrus aromas, and at 2.5% ABV won’t leave you feeling blurry after an afternoon chasing the last of the summer rays in the beer garden.