Seeing is believing: Louis XIII

The cognac house unveils its latest cinematic campaign, Believe in Time, with a trio of iconic women at the helm

Food and Drink 22 Jul 2022

Believe in Time from Louis XIII

With Believe in Time, Louis XIII and director Mati Diop take viewers on a journey through time

When you have a luxury cognac with a legacy of nearly 150 years, and you want to alert the world to your sustainably focused and time-honoured values, only the most talented movers and shakers at the forefront of your message will do.

Following successful campaigns with actor/ director John Malkovich (100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See) in 2015 and singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams (100 Years: The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care) in 2018, luxury French cognac house Louis XIII continues to express its unique relationship with time through its latest cinematic concept, Believe in Time.

The Louis XIII is made in collaboration with Solange Knowles
The Louis XIII is made in collaboration with Solange Knowles

This interdisciplinary performance art film has been created by Grammy Award-winning artist Solange Knowles in collaboration with film director Mati Diop and couture designer Guo Pei and represents the convergence of individuals, artistic visions, creative fields and cultures. An interesting parallel is drawn – Louis XIII cognac itself is a product of nature, talent, craft and a pioneering vision thoughtfully brought together.

Showing a journey from the birth of the universe to the creation of the Himalayas, the film shines a light on a human’s place in the universe, and the infinite time it takes for great things to take shape. Embodying Mother Earth, Knowles wears a creation by Pei – which took two years to create using exquisite fabrics and precious stones, and ancient Chinese embroidery techniques. ‘I aim to create heirlooms to be handed down from one generation to the next,’ says Pei. ‘With posterity in mind, I picture my creations as eternal.’

Couture designer Guo Pei also worked on Louis XIII's Believe in Time
Couture designer Guo Pei also worked on Louis XIII’s Believe in Time

The soundtrack was composed by Knowles herself and was built in real time: starting with one instrument, building upon all of the sonics and textures, the process building up to the larger idea that flourishes, culminates and embodies the feminine spirit of Mother Earth.

‘The space and time surrounding our work is just as important as the work itself,’ says Knowles. ‘In most of my own work, I try to give thought on how future generations will discover it.’ These sentiments echo the house’s mantra of thinking a century ahead, just as the Louis XIII cellar master does – selecting eaux de vie to create Louis XIII for future generations to enjoy.

With this creation, Louis XIII reaffirms its commitment to craftsmanship, quality, beauty, and human-made creations. Time over instant gratification. It is a reminder of our place in the world and a perfect illustration of those values. And what better way to savour and celebrate the time we do have than with a cognac that holds it so close to its heart?


Imagery: Manuel Obadia-Wills