Perfect pour: Heads + Tails

One of London's most admired bars has launched its own range of ready-to-drink bottled cocktails for the perfect home pour

Food and Drink 26 Nov 2021

Heads + Tails Signature Collection of cocktails

Heads + Tails Signature Collection of cocktails

Heads + Tails in West Hampstead is one of the capital’s most beloved and celebrated drinking destinations. As well as having been voted the 14th best cocktail bar in the UK in a listing of the top 50, the bar is known for its vast mixologist experience and fresh take on classic cocktails. Now even those unwilling to venture to Northwest London can experience the exquisite libations created at Heads + Tails as the bar has developed a collection of nine drink-at-home bottled cocktails, available exclusively from its website.

The carefully crafted concoctions include a sweet Peach Daiquiri, tangy Pineapple Margarita, zesty Angel Face, classic Negroni, refreshing Cosmopolitan, indulgent Espresso Martini, moreish Maple Old Fashioned, traditional Old Fashioned and vibrant El Presidente. The bottles look as good as the cocktails taste, making them the perfect addition to any home bar and a perfect Christmas gift for any drink-loving friend.

Heads + Tails cocktails come as either a generous single serve of 100ml, £7.99, or a bottle of five serves, 500ml, £34.99;