London’s Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Booze-free drinking is no longer limited to a glass of pop or orange juice; these cocktails have all the flavour and complexity of their alcoholic counterparts

Food and Drink 1 Mar 2018

Bouncing Low Rider at Charlotte's W5
Million Dollar Smile at Dandelyan
Dry Monsoon Martini at The Permit Room
Activated Black Charcoal Martini at Redemption Notting Hill/Shoreditch
The Persian Merchant at Seymour's Parlour, The Zetter Townhouse
Rhubarb and vanilla punch at Nopi, Soho
Driver's Julep at Sexy Fish
Gold tea at 34 Mayfair
Wolverine at Nightjar
Meadowsweet at Scout Bar

Bouncing Low Rider at Charlotte’s W5, £3.95

Sweetcorn, agave, cayenne pepper and pink grapefruit

Delectably savoury with a cayenne pepper kick, this is our favourite ‘soft’ cocktail from W5’s generous list. Served in a martini glass, the complex flavour combinations work so well, you won’t believe it’s alcohol free.

Million Dollar Smile at Dandelyan, £8.50

Seedlip spice, roasted sweet potato, off-cut cordial, grass

The intriguing list of ingredients makes for a deliciously different cocktail that’s just as special as any of the alcoholic versions from Mr Lyan’s award-winning repertoire.

Dry Monsoon Martini at The Permit Room, £6

Monsooned Malabar espresso with Dishoom’s secret spirit essence, chilli, walnut bitters and crema

Get all the rich and creamy flavour of an espresso martini without any of the negative side-effects.

Activated Black Charcoal Martini at Redemption Notting Hill/ Shoreditch, £6.50

Toxin-grabbing activated charcoal shaken with fresh lemon and maple syrup and topped with aquafaba

Making use of the medically endorsed toxin-grabber activated charcoal and the ever-popular aquafaba (vegan egg whites), you will feel all dark and mysterious with this delicious cocktail in hand.

The Persian Merchant at Seymour’s Parlour, The Zetter Townhouse, £4.50

Marzipan, chamomile water, dash of lemon juice, chamomile syrup

With its slightly nutty taste and velvety texture this is a complex and delicious alternative to alcohol.

Rhubarb and vanilla punch at Nopi, Soho, £7.20,

Rhubarb puree, cucumber, mint, vanilla agave, lychee

With just the right level of sweetness, this fresh blend is the best way to wash down a plate of Nopi’s courgette and manouri fritters.

Driver’s Julep at Sexy Fish, £7

Lime juice, agave, ylang ylang, tonic cordial, cucumber, chilli

One of four cocktails from the lavish bar’s Size Zero Alcohol Free menu, this refreshing yet punchy drink is served in a copper mug over crushed ice.

Gold tea at 34 Mayfair, £8

Oolong rare tea, cacao syrup, orange juice, grated cinnamon and gold leaf

Who needs alcohol when you’ve got a gold-leaf garnish on your drink? This cocktail tastes just as impressive as it looks.

Wolverine at Nightjar, £6

Seedlip spice 94, apple & rhubarb juice, passionberry, pennyroyal syrup, bitter lemon tonic

Be the most envied designated driver in London with this tangy and complex concoction from the award-winning Hoxton speakeasy-style bar.

Meadowsweet at Scout Bar, £11

Oak aged meadowsweet distilled water, non-alcoholic Scout vermouth, cherry cordial, vetiver tincture 

Stirred and served with a fennel flower, this cocktail, from the no-waste concept bar in Shoreditch, is proof that foraging, no-waste and great taste can all go hand in hand.