Five minutes with… Tom Gibson

The CEO and co-owner of Provenance Village Butcher on a modern interpretation of butchery, sustainability and his ultimate barbecue spread

Food and Drink 1 Jun 2021

Provenance Village Butcher
A box from Provenance Village Butcher

Can you introduce us to Provenance Village Butcher, what you do and what makes you different?

We consider ourselves at Provenance to be offering a modern interpretation of the traditional butchery experience. Our shops are warm and inviting, our staff are knowledgeable, friendly foodies and our product is sourced from responsible farmers who have animal welfare and sustainability at the forefront of their thinking.

Tell us more about your same-day delivery service and why you wanted to set it up.

Our same day delivery service across London postcodes means you can order at any time up until 10am and receive your delivery that day before 6pm. We understand our customers are time-short and often need their essentials quickly, and we also are aware there are very few other businesses in our space that can offer this level of service.

Tom Gibson, left with head butcher and co-founder Straun Robertson
Tom Gibson, left with head butcher and co-founder Straun Robertson

Your BBQ boxes look absolutely amazing for summer – can you describe the boxes and how you came up with the idea?

Our boxes are put together to make our customer’s lives easier, with one click you can get a selection of products for an occasion whether it be a BBQ, a luxe weekend for two or family essentials for a staycation. They are full of goodness from our protein, complimentary condiments, pantry fillers and drinks. It makes their lives easier and gives them the opportunity to try something they may not have tried before. We also offer monthly special boxes/kits that are inspired by a different country made in house by our chef. This month we have the Mexican Box with and next month we are launching our Pan Asian BBQ box which is going to be really delicious.

What’s your ultimate barbecue spread?

A large bone-in steak like a T-bone with melted bone marrow butter on top and sliced for sharing. Alongside all the essentials really, juicy Galician beef burgers, marinated skewers, sausages, and some crunchy slaw, a cold beer and some good company.

Why was it important to you to source your meat from smaller UK farms?

Working with smaller UK farmers allows us to maintain control of our supply chain which is hugely important. To be able to give the guarantee to our customers that we absolutely understand the journey a product has taken to reach their bag is fundamentally why they shop with us. The trust that we put in our farmers is the same trust that our customers put with us. Working with smaller UK farmers allows us to build that trust over long periods of time, which enables us to maintain the high level of product and service our customers rightfully demand from us. 

Provenance Village Butcher works with a carefully selection collection of smaller UK farms
Provenance Village Butcher works with a carefully selection collection of smaller UK farms

How do you select the farms you work with?

The three main farmers we work with are the same now, as when we first opened our doors eight years ago. In finding them we found the balance of free-range farming techniques which allowed the animals to be outside as much as possible, feeding on grass or other natural feeds with a broad underlying focus on animal welfare and sustainable farming techniques.

What lessons have you learned from the past year that you’ll take with you into the future?

How amazing our staff are. How important it is to be nimble and able to pivot quickly to continue to deliver at a high standard for our customers. The importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in everything that we do.

What are your ambitions for the next year of Provenance Village Butcher?

We want to continue to focus on our staff and what we can do for them coming out of a very demanding year. Broaden our physical retail offering and continue to grow our delivery business nationwide – alongside the introduction of some really interesting and exciting new products.

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