Five minutes with: Ben Whales and Louie Syred

The founders of mood-enhancing drinks brand Peak talk to Brummell about nootropics, Gen Z and sharing a drink with Bruce Lee

Food and Drink 29 Apr 2022

Ben Whales and Louie Syred of Peak

Ben Whales and Louie Syred of Peak

Can you introduce us to Peak and what the brand is about?

Louie: Peak is that feeling when your mind is right where you want it to be, slightly high but in control. So we took that feeling, and we canned it.

We’re two best friends who grew tired of the daily coffee-alcohol loop. Don’t get me wrong, personally, I love them both, but alcohol makes my brain foggy, and coffee turns me into an anxious nutter.Plus, when Ben and I found out that around 49% of Gen-Z suffer from stress and anxiety every day, we planned to create a new range of functional drinks that make your mind feel good without any of the downsides.

What is a nootropic drink? And what nootropics are included in Peak drinks?

Ben: Nootropics are essentially just active ingredients that improve how your brain works. Caffeine is the most widely used nootropic globally, and in small doses, it’s great – but it’s the tip of the iceberg. Interestingly, combining or “stacking” multiple nootropics can create new and exciting beneficial effects. Our first line of drinks combines natural caffeine, L-theanine, ashwagandha, curcumin and piperine – these work to create a calm, clear boost in mood and mental energy that is slow release and can last all day without the crash. We called it Rise.

How did you go about creating Peak drinks?

Louie: Right from the start, we knew we were creating something totally new. We wanted the complex flavour profile of an alcoholic drink but with the benefits of a health supplement. Then we pitched the idea to some super smart and award-winning formulators, and the rest was history.

What can people expect from a Peak drink in terms of flavour and effect?

Ben: Each mood has a different feeling. Our first mood, Rise, is a plant-based pick-me-up that awakens the mind, leaving you feeling sharper, clearer. It comes in pink grapefruit mint or raspberry lime flavours. They’re both slightly sweet, slightly sour and lightly sparkling.

What’s next for Peak?

Ben: Our next mood, Unwind, is set for release later this year. We’ve created another powerful nootropic stack that works to quieten the mind and relax the body and it’ll be launching in two exciting new flavour profiles. Peak is now available on Amazon and in select indie cafés, as well as in Planet Organic and on the Gorillas [grocery delivery] app. So while we focus on gaining key distribution points, we’ll be building the brand and educating our audience on this new and emerging category.

If you could share a Peak with anyone, who would it be and why?

Louie: Bruce Lee. I was a karate kid growing up, so he was my idol. He was also a great philosopher and all about mind state. I think ol’ Bruce might have something to say about a “mind-boosting beverage”.