Drinks to boost your mood

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated alternative to alcohol or a health boost, we’ve selected some drinks that are as beneficial as they are delicious

Food and Drink 15 Feb 2021

Not only does Richmond-based café Kiss the Hippo produce some of the finest coffee we’ve tasted, its new fully-compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee pods make your morning coffee routine even more convenient – and eco-friendly. KTH coffee is organic certified, ethically sourced and avoids all carbon emissions in the roasting process and, to top it off, coffee is a natural antioxidant, and when enjoyed without sugar can boost the metabolism and sports performance, improve mood and memory as well as reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. More than just a delicious brew. From £11, kissthehippo.com

Botanically speaking
Founded in 2019 by Alistair Frost and Edward Grieg-Gran, Pentire is a range of non-alcoholic spirits made with Cornish coastal botanicals. Capturing the flavour and feeling of its eponymous headlands, the drink is inspired by the founders’ passion for outdoor living. With notes of sea rosemary, rock samphire and sage paired with citrus and sea salt, not only is this a delicious and sophisticated drink, it is 100% plant based and distilled with natural botanicals, free from artificial flavourings and sweeteners. £26.80; pentiredrinks.com

Shake it up
OK, so chocolate milkshakes aren’t exactly ‘sophisticated’, but they are a delicious and, usually, indulgent nostalgic treat. Thanks to Grounded, you can now enjoy your favourite flavours made with 100% natural ingredients. Each shake contains 20g of pure protein, fair trade cocoa and coconut cream and is free from dairy, gluten, soya, nuts and GMO. It is definitely not short on flavour though and the carton is 100% recyclable, so it saves the planet as well as giving you a well-deserved cocoa-fix.  £19.95 for six 490ml cartons; grounded.co.uk

Apple of my eye
Launching on 23 February, this brand-new range of juices uses heritage apples from the UK’s wild and hidden orchards. Founded by Nadeem Lalani Nanjuwany and Adam Grout, Wildpress is on a mission to protect Britain’s biodiversity by seeking out lesser-known apple varieties and partnering with local sustainable orchards. The brand takes a more grown-up approach to flavour that challenges the perception of commercial, homogenous juices commonly found on the shelves. Available as single varieties and small bold blends, they work as a clean, crisp aperitif or paired with a delicious meal. Available from 23 February. 750ml bottle priced between £4.50 and £6.50; wildpressjuice.com

The proof is in the punch
Innovative flavour combinations, quirky retro styling and an impressive list of eco-credentials, Punchy Drinks has it all. With a goal to champion adventurous, sustainable living the premium natural soft drinks and mixers brand offers flavours such as peach, ginger and chai, blood orange, bitters and cardamom, cucumber yuzu and rosemary for a thirst-quenching alternative to alcohol that will conjure memories of hazy summer walks and early-evening picnics. You can also buy the bold illustrations that feature on the cans as a framed artwork. From £12 for six cans; punchydrinks.com

It’s easy being green
As the nation’s favourite tipple, tea is more than just a kitchen cupboard staple. As Jing tea founder Ed Eisler puts it, ‘Ultimately, great tea is a simple pleasure that depends on people and nature working together in harmony’. Championing this culture, Jing tea offers some of the finest high-quality single-origin loose tea available. Our favourite is the Dragon Well green tea from Wangfu Garden, Zhejiang, China. We all know the myriad benefits of drinking green tea (it protects against heart disease, high blood pressure, and inflammation while strengthening the immune system) and this one is particularly inspiring, with a deliciously fresh and velvety texture. Green tea becomes even more beneficial when enjoyed in powdered matcha form, and Jing’s organic matcha from Kagoshima, Japan is vibrant, creamy and invigorating. Someone stick the kettle on… Dragon Well, £14 for 50g, Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade, £24; jingtea.com

Great shot
For centuries, turmeric has been lauded for its medicinal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, something Premier League footballer Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu discovered for himself after he used the spice to aid his recovery after a sporting injury. For that very reason, he has spent the past 15 years developing a raw turmeric product that is revered by professional athletes and endorsed by leading nutritionists. The Turmeric Co – a selection of delicious shots created with natural ingredients such as raw turmeric root, ginger and beetroot – is designed to aid optimal health and can be consumed for a boost first thing in the morning, or before or after exercise. The shots also contain flax oil to help along the absorption of the shot’s functional ingredients. With a watermelon base, they are also pretty tasty too. £35 for a two-week supply; theturmeric.co