Cheers: Fortnum’s and Patrón Añejo tequila

The British doyenne of food halls has collaborated with the leading tequila brand on a rare and delicious new expression

Food and Drink 4 Jun 2020

Fortnum’s and Patrón Añejo tequila

Fortnum’s and Patrón Añejo tequila

A new collaboration has been made in the best possible taste between Fortnum & Mason and tequila producer Patrón. The extremely rare expression of tequila is available now exclusively at Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. The Fortnum’s x Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo has been aged for 25 months in an American oak barrel at the tequila producer’s distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, and is limited to just 378 bottles.

The tequila is perfect for sipping and has a complex aroma of tropical fruits and smoky vanilla with flavour notes of honey, lime, pineapple and fresh green herbs. The limited-batch tequila has been made from the finest Blue Weber Agave and is part of Patron’s exclusive Barrel Select – a selection of the highest quality tequilas.

Fortnum & Mason wine and spirits buyer, Oscar Dodd says of the tequila, “A number of casks were available from Casa Patrón’s exclusive reserves, and choosing just one between them was a challenge to relish. It is quite remarkable the spectrum of flavours, aromas and textures on display across the various cask types and age –

a trait one associates more with Whiskey than Tequila. It would have been easy to select the oldest Tequila available, but it was a slightly younger Añejo that really stood out, delivering beyond expectations”.

Fortnum’s and Patrón recommend drinking the Fortnum’s x Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo neat to really appreciate its complexity. But it can also be enjoyed in a cocktail, including the delicious Sage of the Diviners, which you can make for yourself at home using the recipe below.

A bottle of Fortnum’s x Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo is now available for £75 from Fortnum & Mason

Sage of the Diviners


40ml Fortnum’s x Patrón Single Cask Tequila Añejo

3 lemon wedges

15ml Fortnum’s honey

5 sage leaves

Sparkling Tea to top up the glass


Place the three lemon wedges in a highball glass and muddle to extract the juice. Add the honey – Fortnum’s Spanish Orange Blossom Honey works particularly well in this recipe –– as well as the sage leaves, tequila and ice cubes. Stir while adding the Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea and garnish with sage leaves.