Brummell feasts at home with: The Pure Package

Boost your wellbeing and your immune system at home with a vibrant selection of dishes from the premium meal delivery service

Food and Drink 4 Feb 2021

The Pure Package and Positivity Package

The background
Founded by Jennifer Irvine in 2003, The Pure Package was borne from a desire to ensure a nutrient-rich diet can still be achieved despite a rise in chaotic lifestyles. Irvine grew up on a farm in Ireland and was used to the benefits of good food but realised a chaotic lifestyle meant people would often reach for what was convenient, which is not always the healthiest option. With a variety of programmes depending on your health goal (from longevity, brain food to training support), The Pure Package offers a scientific approach to a balanced diet drawn from decades of research at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London and is delivered directly to your door.

The package
Brummell trialled the service for three days, each time we were delivered a cool bag of freshly prepared meals and snacks from breakfast, through to dinner. We opted for the health food option and entered our dietary requirements ahead of receiving our order. Each evening, we left our cool bags in a safe place for the next day’s delivery driver to collect, and all the meals are packed in fully recyclable containers. Daily menus contained in each package provided a useful insight into the nutritional benefits of each dish, including heating instruction for the evening meal. We were also sent The Positivity Package, a wellbeing gift bundle of Epsom salts, Jing green tea leaves and maker, and a joy journal.

The food
Banish all thoughts of bland and tasteless dishes, the offering from The Pure Package is a vibrant and delicious selection featuring every colour of the rainbow. Breakfasts consisted of everything from rye bread with a delicious rainforest nut butter and a side order of fresh fruit, to muesli, and a sumptuous wild rice with mango (which Brummell enjoyed so much it was like we’d started the day with an incredibly nutritious dessert). For lunches, often any meat or fish (chicken with noodles one day, salmon another) became almost a side dish, as a series of phytonutrient-rich veg took centre stage with delectable results. Half-way through day two, we quickly realised it was highly likely we would relish whatever dish The Pure Package could put in front of us. The selection of warming and nutritionally balanced dinners ranged from plaice, with vegetables, cod with a delicious courgette pesto (we are desperate to recreate this one) and dhal. With two snacks a day, there’s more than enough to keep you going. We were treated to a delicious mushroom pate one morning, a sweet and juicy conference pear and a handful of pumpkin seeds another, but our favourite was the peanut butter and banana compote –– a kind of healthy banoffee pie.

The price
From £39.95 a day, per person

The verdict
Wellbeing and eating well is made super easy with this no nonsense and delicious service. It came at a time when we had been polishing off leftover festive treats, and after a sugar/carb overdose was very welcome indeed. In fact, after only three days, we felt more energetic and our anxiety levels had dropped considerably, which inspired us to continue with a healthy approach to cooking. Alongside the Positivity Package, these dishes are the perfect combination for anyone whose goal is to achieve optimum health in the simplest way.