Brummell feasts at home with: Santo Remedio

The popular Mexican restaurant brings an authentic taste of Mexico, and a touch of sunshine, to your home with its Remedy Kits

Food and Drink 18 Nov 2020

Santo Remedio's Remedy Kit comes with a choice of meats

The background
Husband and wife team Edson and Natalie Diaz-Fuentes started Santo Remedio in 2013 running pop ups and supper clubs to bring the flavours they love and grew up with in Mexico to Londoners. After opening their first critically-acclaimed restaurant in Shoreditch in 2016, they opened another at 152 Tooley Street in London Bridge in September 2017.

Renowned as some of London’s most authentic Mexican food, Santo Remedio (which means Holy Remedy) is now bringing the vibrant flavours of Mexico to you at home. Available for nationwide delivery, the meal kits include a selection of meats to choose from; bone in short rib, barbacoa lamb shank and duck carnitas, all accompanied by a selection of fresh and delicious sides, salsas and Santo Remedio corn tortillas to tuck into and create your very own taco experience at home.

The meal kit
We opted for the duck carnitas and received: 2 x duck legs, black beans, chopped potatoes, garlic and jalapeño dressing, slaw, lime vinaigrette, corn tortillas, gooseberry salsa, cooking instructions and allergen information.

How many does it feed?

What else do I need?
Santo Remedio works with local producers such as Gringa Dairy in Peckham who produce the restaurant’s artisanal Mexican cheeses. These are not included in the kit but, as the recipe calls for your favourite cheese, make sure you’ve got some in. Mariachi band Spotify playlist optional.

Fully recyclable packaging


All the elements you need to build your carnitas at home are ready and just require reheating. Very easy-to-follow instructions; you could find yourself tucking in 25 minutes after receiving your box.

The food
Santo Remedio’s food is inspired by the taquerias, markets, homes and celebrations of Mexico, with many of the ingredients such as pasilla, serranos and grasshoppers imported in, so we were expecting an authentic taste of Mexico. We were not disappointed. The aroma from the corn tortillas upon heating was enough to transport us to the vibrant balmy streets of Mexico City, and then we knew: Tex Mex this is not. We heated the duck legs until the skin was crispy and the meat was so tender it fell off the bone. It was hard not to just gobble the duck up as it was but the delicious black beans, tangy gooseberry salsa, crunchy slaw and (reviewer’s own) cheddar cheese made for the perfect combination for our taco dinner, with a side of scrummy citrusy potatoes. This kind of feast definitely requires an authentic margarita to wash it all down with, and you are in luck because the restaurant’s famous margaritas have also been bottled, and are available to purchase online to shake up and serve at home, alongside a selection of Mexican wines, drinks and a selection of deli items such as ancho and guajillo chillies, habanero and pumpkin salsa macha as well as the mouth-watering Santo Remedio corn tortillas on Santo Remedio’s shop website.

The price
£45 – a bargain for the feast you get!

The verdict
The most authentic and delicious Mexican feast we’ve tasted, especially at home. The diversity of flavours and textures made building the tacos fun and eventful as well a delicious. Cooking it at home gave us a glimpse into how we can recreate this another day, although for the real deal we will definitely be booking in to the restaurant come 3 December!

 Order by 6pm two days in advance for nationwide delivery on either Wednesday, Friday or Sunday;