Brummell feasts at home with: Rudy’s

The popular vegan diner transforms its famous ‘you won’t believe it’s vegan’ dishes into DIY kits for diners to enjoy at home

Food and Drink 17 Mar 2021

Rudy’s Vegan Butcher kit

As London’s first vegan butcher and diner, Rudy’s has become something of a cult classic since opening in Camden in 2018, providing plant-based American ‘junk food’ to queuing Londoners eager to try its tasty offerings. Favourites include rack of jack, lobstah salad, meatballs, chick’n lover pate or shredded BBQ pulled porc. Now diners can enjoy the ultimate vegan comfort food at home with Rudy’s plant-based products and DIY kits available to purchase online for nationwide delivery. And for every kit purchased £1 is donated to the Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The Meal Kit

Brummell ordered the vegan Reuben kit, transforming the traditional pastrami sandwich into a plant-based delicacy with seitan pastrami, a whole loaf of vegan sourdough rye bread, Rudy’s secret Reuben sauce, ‘cheeze’ slices, pickles, caramelised onions and sauerkraut. Additionally, you will need oil, a bread knife, chopping board, a non-stick frying pan and a spatula or tongs.

How many does it feed?

Four, generously.

Super simple to prepare, there was a bit of toasting and a fair bit of frying (the seitan pastrami, onions and cheese) and construction of the sandwich.

The food
With Rudy’s secret sauce oozing from the sides of this mouth-watering sandwich, we tucked in with anticipated excitement after a few minutes prepping and building in the kitchen. Full of flavour, the combination of tastes and textures (from the creamy cheeze, tangy secret sauce and tart sauerkraut to the sweet onion) ticked every ‘junk food’ box with delicious and satisfying results. Rudy’s calls its famous sandwich, the ‘you won’t believe it’s vegan’ Reuben and we couldn’t agree more.

The price
£36 per kit.

The verdict
Piled high between two doorstop slices of sourdough rye, this vegan Reuben is a real treat. Perfect for a fun and delicious Friday night takeaway feast and a precursor for a long-awaited trip to the diner when it opens in April.

Kits are delivered nationwide and are available to order at by 5pm to receive it within 3-5 working days, Rudy’s Vegan Butcher 206 Upper Street, London, N1 1RQ; Rudy’s Vegan Diner 729-731 Camden Stables Market, London, NW1 8AH;