Brummell feasts at home with: Pleesecakes

The cheesecake connoisseur launches a Build Your Own At Home kit to elevate the lockdown birthdays to new levels of sweetness

Food and Drink 19 Mar 2021

Launched by painter/decorator turned cheesecake entrepreneur Joe Moruzzi, Pleesecakes creates majestic towering cheesecakes, freezecakes (frozen cheesecake) and even has a quirky cake-based event offering. The deliciously fresh yet creamy no-bake cheesecake provides the basis for an endless possibility of toppings, and while it delivers its special creations locally, those outside the radius can order a Build Your Own At Home option, which gives you the chance to create your own impressive confectionary tower atop one of Joe’s cheesecakes at home.

The Meal Kit
The cheesecake arrived frozen with the option to put in the freezer until ready to build upon or begin creating straightaway, along with ganache and a vast selection of chocolate toppings, from popular chocolate brands and biscuit crumbles.

How many does it feed?
Depends on the size of the slices but comfortably, 10.

95% recyclable packaging.

The prep is at the heart of this kit, it’s super fun and messy! We heated the ganache and spooned it onto the top of the frozen cheesecake allowing the chocolate to drop down the sides. Adding the ganache while the cake is frozen allows it to set more quickly. Then came the really fun part. Opening up the selection of chocolate bars, caramel bars, flakes, buttons and crumbles, it was hard to resist having a nibble but the more you can add to the cake the better it looks. The instructions were easy to follow and came with pictures for reference, which Brummell was very grateful for, but the design is largely down to you. We layered on the larger bars first, dotting smaller biscuits and buttons in the remaining gaps. It didn’t take long for what can only be described as a work of chocolate art to appear. Once decorated, it can take up to 8 hours for the cake to defrost in the fridge (make sure there is enough room for the taller bars to fit) to be consumed that day or can be refrozen for up to a month.

The food

It may be the chocolate cityscape on this celebratory creation that draws the eye but it’s the fresh and creamy cheesecake that take centre stage in the mouth. The thick and crumbly chocolate biscuit base juxtaposed with the smooth velvety cheese topping is a delight on its own. Nevertheless, the battle for the ‘best’ slice comprising a smorgasbord of the recipient’s favourite toppings is likely to ensue. Whatever happens, it’s worth it for the delightful surprise on the recipient’s face as they are faced with the annual out-of-tune round of Happy Birthday.

The price

From £28

The verdict
Such a great idea for a lockdown or post-lockdown birthday surprise, with deliciously impressive results.