Brummell feasts at home with: Mortimer House Kitchen

Bring a taste of cosy Sundays in Fitzrovia to your dining table with the new home kits from Mortimer House Kitchen

Food and Drink 5 Jan 2021

The background
Mortimer House Kitchen, the open-to-the-public restaurant of Fitzrovia’s private members’ club Mortimer House, is lead by head chef Antonio ‘Lello’ Favuzzi (Anda, The Wolsley, Franco’s, St Alban, L’Anima), who creates delicious and soul-warming Mediterranean fare. Now that we can’t enjoy his food in person, Londoners can treat themselves to Mortimer House Kitchen’s newly launched DIY delivery kits. Born from Lello’s childhood memories of growing up around big family meals in Sardinia, there is a Porchetta Sunday Feast box kitted out with extras for leftovers (as tried by Brummell), a seven-layer lasagne for four, as well as some signature pasta dishes including Wild Boar Mafalde and a Red Beetroot Tortelli, ready to share with your household.

The meal kit
The Porchetta Sunday Feast home kit delivers exactly that, an absolute feast for the table. Included is a large sheet of capocollo (Italian cured pork); fresh burrata with pickled onions to garnish; a whole roast high-welfare porchetta from independent butcher HG Walter, skilfully rolled with Italian sausage meat and fresh herbs; rosemary duck fat potatoes grown by Michelin chef Pierre Koffmann; broccoli with chilli and garlic; and a pork and mustard jus to top off the roasted meat. A huge classic tiramisu with chocolate for grating is the cherry on top. The kit also comes with fresh ciabatta loaf, onion jam and salsa verde to create porchetta sandwiches with the leftovers.

How many does it feed?
4, with leftovers for the next day.

The kit arrived in two large cardboard boxes, and most of the packaging is a simple plastic vacuum pack.

You will need two large roasting dishes (one for the porchetta, one for the roast potatoes), two small sauté pans (for the broccoli and to warm the jus) and a meat thermometer will be handy if you have one. You’ll receive step-by-step cooking instructions on a card, and it’s all pretty easy to follow, even for a cooking novice. This was Brummell’s first time cooking a piece of meat this size, and it still came out crispy and perfectly done. The prep is minimal, and mostly consists of heating up various elements and a bit of minor assembly.

The food
You can also add a bottle of negroni for four, a selection of IPAs from Forest Road Brewery, or a bottle of red to your order for an additional charge, to complete the cosy but elevated ‘Sunday pub lunch’ experience.

The price
£120 plus delivery

The verdict
All the joy of an exceptional Sunday roast, with about as much effort as it takes to switch on the oven. Brummell had a real sense of accomplishment serving up this restaurant-quality main, and it’s a real bonus getting a second meal out of it the next day. Perfect festive comfort food worth gathering the family around the table for.

Mortimer House Kitchen will take orders up until 4pm on a Wednesday for delivery on the Friday. After 4pm on Wednesday, the next available delivery date will be the following Friday. Delivery radius is 5m, otherwise pick up is available;