Brummell feasts at home with: Lyle’s

The Shoreditch restaurant brings a taste of its delectable Michelin-starred fare to homes nationwide who are longing to experience exceptional food at home

Food and Drink 16 Mar 2021

The Michelin-starred British restaurant in Shoreditch founded by James Lowe and John Ogier, launched delivery of its Provisions Boxes and Meal Kits filled with seasonal treats to doorsteps up and down the country back in November. Lowe has packed the boxes full of his favourite dishes and provisions to be enjoyed at home. ‘Now more than ever, we’re all looking for comfort at home, so for the very first time we’re bringing Lyle’s directly to our guests,’ says Lowe. ‘It’s such a brilliant time of year for British produce and we’re keen to continue supporting our suppliers.’

The Meal Kit
The Lyle’s Menu box changes every week to make the most of the season’s exceptional produce. Our Mid-Week menu box consisted of everything we needed to make mussels, brassicas, cider and lovage, a main of duck leg, ramson and Jerusalem artichokes, followed by rhubarb, rose and pistachio cake and pumpkin seed chocolates.

How many does it feed?
Serves two people.

Each ingredient was individually packaged for ease of preparation and we were able to wash and recycle most of it.

The instruction leaflet that came with the recipe is incredibly easy to follow with step-by-step timings and guidance on every element of the meal, from when to remove something from the fridge to recommended serving instructions.

The food
With temptingly buttery aromas emanating from the pan as we prepped the mussels, we were practically salivating as we sat down to eat our starter of mussels, brassicas, cider and lovage. And the flavour did not disappoint. The tangy, sweet and buttery broth is the perfect complement to the succulent mussels and was good enough to be added to our mental list of last-supper dishes. The duck leg, ramson and Jerusalem artichokes was a worthy main to follow and managed to be rich, flavoursome and hearty without being at all heavy. Room enough then for the seriously moreish rhubarb, rose and pistachio cake: layers of light sponge and cream topped with a deliciously nutty pistachio crumble. The perfect pudding!

The price

The verdict
This full Michelin-starred delight was an incredible experience, from the easy-to-follow prep instructions to the delectably light yet wholesome dishes (the kind that wouldn’t be remiss on a last supper order), it’s ideal for a special occasion or if you want to elevate your mid-week dinner to weekend-worthy status.