Angel’s shares: Caskshare

This new platform is making investing in maturing whisky easier and more accessible

Food and Drink 3 Jun 2021

Caskshare makes whisky investment more accessible

Caskshare makes whisky investment more accessible

If you’re looking to invest in whisky, but want to take tentative steps rather than dive right in to the barrel, then Caskshare could be for you.

Self-described whisky-loving techies lead by the founder of the Craft Whisky Club, David Nichol, have developed this new platform to allow investors to buy a share of maturing whisky by the bottle, rather than buy the cask, making it more accessible to the generation of single malt fanatics who want to support their favourite distillers.

Buyers can choose from a variety of distilleries and ranges, and distilleries will keep in touch throughout maturation and when the shares are full and the cask is ready, it is bottled and sent out to the bottle owners.

Bottle prices currently range from £49 to £139;