All Shiok up

Celebrity chef and Bake Off: The Professionals judge Cherish Finden brings her first standalone pâtisserie to the City

Food and Drink 1 Jun 2022

Cherish Finden's patisserie SHIOK! opens at the Pan Pacific Hotel in London this June

Acclaimed pastry chef and formidable TV judge Cherish Finden will launch her very first standalone pâtisserie at the Pan Pacific Hotel in London this June. The Singapore-born chef brings flavours and recipes from her childhood to Londoners who may be unfamiliar with the depth and variety of Asian pâtisserie.

SHIOK! (pronounced ‘shook’) is an innovative new space serving decadent breakfasts and sweet and savoury treats throughout the day, either to enjoy in situ or takeaway.

‘In Singapore, the word SHIOK! conveys a feeling of pure pleasure and happiness and this is what I want to capture,’ Finded explained. ‘The pâtisserie is going to be somewhere you will want to bring your loved ones, any time throughout the day for an out-of-this-world pastry. I’m so looking forward to Londoners experiencing what we have in store.’

Finden initially discovered her passion for pastry after joining the five-star Singapore Pan Pacific Hotel in 1991. Returning to the prestigious brand almost 30 years on as executive pastry chef is a story that has come full circle.

Guests can expect unique delicacies at SHIOK!, such as the sausage roll-esque sausage shokupan and hearty pork floss buns, as well as chocolate bon bons with Asian-inspired flavours like coconut and gula melaka, or matcha and yuzu. You can also pick up Finden’s signature Singaporean pineapple tart – a must in every household for Chinese New Year. As for drinks, there’ll be the usual tea and coffee and ever-popular bubble tea, but you can also treat yourself to a glass of champagne or wine.

SHIOK! opens on Thursday 16 June and will be open from 7am to 6pm, Monday-Friday and 10am to 6pm on weekends;