A journey through flavour: Firetree

Explore the rich complexity of chocolate with a virtual tasting hosted by Firetree

Food and Drink 22 Apr 2020

Firetree is hosting a Meet the Maker Tasting event on Wednesday 29 April

Firetree is hosting a Meet the Maker chocolate-tasting event on Wednesday 29 April

Chocolate is as complex in its flavour profile as wine, whisky or coffee. It’s unfortunate then that as consumers we are rarely challenged or encouraged to truly taste chocolate – to register and enjoy the different notes of each bite. In fact, it makes chocolate more of a treat and an indulgence.

Firetree makes some of the most special chocolate in the world – all of the brand’s cocoa beans are from single-estate producers: small farms dotted across the volcanic islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

At 4pm on Wednesday 29 April, Firetree will be hosting a Meet The Maker Tasting Event with founder Martyn O’Dare. He will host a 20-minute virtual session on Zoom, taking attendees on a journey of discovery from bean to bar. Firetree has selected three different chocolates to taste, with tasting notes ranging from truffle and mushroom to citrus and caramel.

Then all you need is a comfortable chair and an open mind to bring the flavours to life.

Tickets to the event and the tasting chocolate box are available to purchase on the Firetree website for £18.