Digital age: introducing Fair Art Fair

Fair Art Fair is a newly-launched app on a mission to create a fairer and more transparent service for both artists and collectors

Art and Design 10 Aug 2021

Artwork from private collection: Ana Barriga, 'Primitive, savage and feral', 2019, courtesy Fair Art Fair

Art lovers are swiping right on a new art-based app that directly connects artists with buyers and a wider creative network. Fair Art Fair, which launched at the end of July, is the brainchild of LA-born, London-based artist Stacie McCormick. As well as being a successful multi-media artist in her own right, McCormick is also the founder and director of Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, an exhibition and residency space in West London which supports up-and-coming artists.

Courtesy Fair Art Fair

This unique insight into the art world and experience of promoting fellow artists has led McCormick to create Fair Art Fair, a subscription-based app for both artists and art enthusiasts that she refers to as ‘Tinder for artists and collectors’. The pioneering model allows users to discover, organise, share, showcase, buy and sell artwork and connect with one another and is split into four categories – Artists, Curators, Art Lovers and Art Curious – to cater to various audiences. What makes the app truly unique and original is that it is founded on a circular economy. By taking 0% commission on purchases and essentially cutting out the middleman (the gallery), it means that all funds go directly to the artistic community and is a more fair and transparent system.

Fair Art Fair creator Stacie McCormick, 2020, by Paul Tucker

‘For every well-known artist, there are thousands more yet to be discovered,’ McCormick commented on Fair Art Fair.’ By establishing an environment which removes the various hurdles and barriers entrenched in the art world, we have created a fairer and more accessible industry ecosystem that enriches the working lives of artists, curators, collectors and art enthusiasts.’

The service costs £15 per month. Download the app at