Brummell Summer 2021

Brummell is delighted to announce its Summer 2021 issue, celebrating makers, creators and artisans who strive to not only keep craftsmanship traditions alive but innovate them, too

Art and Design 14 Jun 2021

Illustration and animation by Thomas Hedger

In this issue, we talk to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, which is working to revive heritage crafts by offering bursaries in a variety of disciplines, from wood-carving to millinery. We also look at how Ettinger, the luxury leather goods producer, has pivoted back to the 1950s returning to a tannery in south-west France to create pieces in goat leather.

From innovative global performers – such as McLaren’s move into the world of hybrid – to more local producers, we explore the craftspeople gathering esoteric natural ingredients to create plant-based non-alcoholic drinks, and a design studio committed to creating contemporary design with traditional British craftsmanship, using ancient wood that’s 3-5,000 years old.

We also review some of the most interesting new watch complications that have pushed boundaries in tech specs, and check out the newly opened manufacturing facility of the brand bringing watchmaking home to Britain.

Elsewhere, we visit some of the world’s most extraordinary luxury hotels; coolly crafted buildings set in luscious landscapes, including a former palace with fabulous frescoes and a lodge tucked into the verdant amphitheatre of an eroded volcanic cone.

We hope you enjoy this issue.