A new reality: LG Signature

LG Signature’s new state-of-the-art OLED TV gets viewers closer to the action than ever before

Art and Design 30 Nov 2020

LG Signature

LG Signature

Whether you follow horse racing or football, the chances of being able to attend sporting events in person in the near future is slim but that doesn’t mean watching it from home can’t be a thrilling experience.

These days it may be fast and convenient to tune in to the action on your phone or laptop, but constantly staring at small screens at a low pixel quality does not allow us to feel fully immersed, or appreciate the smaller yet all-important details – a racehorse leading through the finishing post by a whisker, or the intricate footwork of a spectacular football pass, for example.

In order to elevate the home viewing experience, LG Signature has harnessed forward-thinking innovations to create a collection of ultra-premium, state-of-the-art TVs, which bring together a superlative synergy of art, design and technology, expertly crafted to offer the most intuitive, responsive and functional viewing experience ever seen.

A world-first, featuring extraordinarily high definition, outstanding colours and immersive three-dimensional sound, the LG SIGNATURE 77”/88” OLED TV brings every on-screen detail to life, no matter if it is competitive sport, nature documentaries or a Netflix series you want to lose yourself in.

In contrast to LED TV technology that uses backlights, LG Signature OLED screens pack self-lit pixels, working independently to emit their own light. This allows for perfect black levels, outstanding colours, infinite contrasts and the sharpest picture quality.

For those who love film and cinema, the LG ZX features a super-thin floor standing design, which creates a cinematic experience to give the viewer a total escape from reality.

It’s the next best thing to being there in person, plus you can enjoy home comforts while you watch. Sit back and enjoy.

From £24,999; lgsignature.com, available from Currys PC World, AO.com, Costco, and other selected retailers