Money no object: Flying Photography

Explore the world and hone your camera skills on a flying photography tour with renowned photographer Jon Nicholson

Travel and Wellbeing 17 Sep 2019

This shot, called The Valley, by Jon Nicholson depicts the beauty of one of the world’s last unspoilt areas in Bhutan

Often cited as one of the best ways to broaden our minds, travel offers us the chance to experience the world through a different lens; something photographer Jon Nicholson knows all too well.

Throughout his 35-year career, he has explored everything from the ranches of Texas to the harrowing realities of conflict in Africa. He has witnessed triumph and tragedy behind the scenes at Formula 1 and captured the beauty of the unexplored world on camera.

Now Nicholson is partnering with luxury travel specialist Scott Dunn to offer tailor-made trips around the world for anyone looking to hone their camera skills while exploring some of the world’s most incredible destinations. Nicholson is an expert at bonding with people while breaking down the barriers that can stand between a photographer and their subject, making him the perfect travelling companion.

Some of Nicholson’s most mesmerising images were captured in Bhutan, an area he is passionate about. He is planning a trip to the Himalayan kingdom at the end of September and, with its stunning natural beauty and rich Buddhist culture, it’s a chance to experience one of the last unspoiled countries on Earth with Nicholson at your side guiding you on your photographic journey.

‘Even if you only leave with one gem,’ says Nicholson, ‘you’ll learn something along the way, hopefully make friends and get to explore the country from a unique perspective.’

Travel to Bhutan with Jon Nicholson from £40,000, including flights, accommodation, transport and full-time assistance from Nicholson out in the field. For more information on this and other Flying Photography tours, call Scott Dunn on 020 8682 5000;