Modern Love is…

Brummell is pleased to announce that it has partnered with The Royal Exchange for an evening dedicated to all things love

People 20 Feb 2020

An entertaining night of expert discussion will soon be taking place at The Royal Exchange, exploring the intricacies of love. Join our panel of love and relationship experts in a discussion on how people perceive love, how to build impactful relationships (romantic or otherwise), and the science behind it all, while enjoying refreshments by Fortnum & Mason, which are included in the ticket.

Meet the panellists

The carefully curated panel knows a thing or two about love. Mariella Frostrup is a renowned journalist and broadcaster, who offers sage life and love advice as The Observer’s agony aunt in her Dear Mariella column. Laura Mucha is a former City lawyer turned love expert, who has authored Love Factually: Who, How and Why We Love, a book which combines interview insights from hundreds of people of all ages and demographics with science-backed research, while Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt founded Project Love, a resource aiming to inspire and empower people to create a life, relationship and career they love, including a weekly Project Love podcast focusing on intriguing topics around life and love. Charlie Teasdale is the style director at Esquire, and contributing ‘dating guru’ columnist for new online lifestyle platform Buro, where he explores the nuances and dilemmas of the modern dating scene. The panel will be hosted by Brummell’s executive editor Peter Howarth.

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The Royal Exchange is the luxury shopping and dining destination in the heart of the City of London, EC3V 3LR


From Left to Right: Laura Mucha, Esquire’s style director, and ‘dating guru’ Charlie Teasdale, author and love expert; Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt, founders of Project Love; Mariella Frostrup, journalist and broadcaster