Brummell Autumn 2019

Brummell is pleased to announce its Autumn 2019 edition, celebrating the inspirational figures making the world a better place

People 4 Sep 2019

Brummell autumn 2019

Brummell Autumn 2019. Illustration by Camille Walala: @camillewalala; animation by Jai Vellala Wilson: @jai_vw

In the latest issue of Brummell, we explore how dynamic leadership and passion are key to success in any business, and are delighted to share our stories of people who inspire us and help improve the world around us every day.

We are proud to honour the 30 women in Brummell’s annual Inspirational Women in the City listing, which this year focuses on leaders. These industry professionals were chosen by our distinguished judging panel from 
a large number of impressive nominations, and the final 30 have proved themselves to be luminaries, spearheading change and innovation in their working environments and externally.

Elsewhere we recognise trailblazers in creative endeavours as the London Design Festival is about to get underway. Co-founder Ben Evans discusses how the festival has gathered momentum over the years and is now a celebration of ‘London’s role as the design capital of the world’, and we chat to designer Camille Walala, whose zippy geometric street furniture designs will be brightening up parts of the city. Get a taste of her cheerful aesthetic on the cover of this issue, which 
Walala designed specially for Brummell.

Finally, we laud a trio of pioneering chefs who are combining culinary expertise, world cuisine savoir-faire and wellbeing to add relish to London’s vibrant restaurant scene.

We hope you enjoy this issue.