Rally the troops: Nico Rosberg

Discover the former Formula 1 champion latest venture at the Circuit Paul Ricard, Drivin' with Nico Rosberg

Motoring 26 Sep 2019

Drivin' with Nico Rosberg

Drivin' with Nico Rosberg

If you are wondering what a former Formula 1 champion does after he retires, you probably won’t be surprised to hear Nico Rosberg is not tending his allotment. Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg is his new signature racing event – a chance for the champ to take his fully restored Mercedes 300SL touring on his very own rally. You can join him, and providing you clear the screening process, expect the chance to race around current F1 track, Circuit Paul Ricard, near Marseille, on the inaugural event from the 6 to 9 Oct.