Firetree: sweet like chocolate

Firetree’s 100% cocoa chocolate is proof that vegan treats can be indulgent, healthy and sustainable

Food and Drink 17 Jan 2020

Firetree's 100% cocoa bar is truly a guiltless pleasure in Veganuary

Firetree's 100% cocoa bar is truly a guiltless pleasure in Veganuary

For those taking on Veganuary this year, the second half of the month can be even more challenging than the first. You might be in a rhythm of meal prep but still craving something indulgent and creamy.

Luckily for those people, and for those who can’t eat dairy or prefer a really rich, dark chocolate, Firetree has released a 100% cocoa bar crafted from the finest cocoa beans, sourced from an estate on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. These are combined with cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar and sunflower lecithin (an emulsifier used to produce the smooth texture) to produce a bar of incredibly rich, dark chocolate with an intense flavour perfectly balanced with a mellow creaminess. It’s rich enough that one square is enough to satisfy chocolate cravings, making it the perfect indulgence for anyone still trying to stick to healthy New Year’s resolutions.

Offering six other chocolate varieties of single-estate chocolate, Firetree carefully sources its beans from islands in the Pacific, Oceania and from Madagascar where volcanic soil provides the best growing conditions for cocoa trees. They work directly with farmers across the world to ensure the best growing and harvesting practices – including picking cocoa beans only when perfectly ripe – and to provide them with much better than market rates in turn.

Firetree 100% Cocoa, £8 for a 65g bar;