Elton John and David Furnish with the Bentley Flying Spur First Edition

Bentley auction for Elton John AIDS Foundation

The car marque sells a bespoke Flying Spur First Edition as part of the megastar’s charity gala in France

Motoring 30 Jul 2019

Mean machines

A round-up of the best technological gadgetry for endeavours on the road, sea and sky

Motoring 5 Jun 2019

Aston Martin AM-RB 003

Middle of the road: Aston Martin

With two new concepts for mid-engined sportscars, Aston Martin is coming up the rear and may well overtake the competition

Motoring 7 Jun 2019

Baby bug: Bugatti

The new Type 35-inspired Baby II gives kids - and adults - the chance to own their very own electric Bugatti

Motoring 10 Jun 2019

Power biking: Ducati

In keeping with the times, Ducati releases its new electric mountain bike, the MIG-RR

Motoring 7 Jun 2019

Three cheers: Nobe

Estonian start-up Nobe has taken retro design to the extreme with its 100 three-wheeler

Motoring 10 Jun 2019

Tesla Model 3

Everyman electric: Tesla

Tesla's newest and model affordable car, the Model 3, is set to hit the streets this year and bring the company to the people

Motoring 7 Jun 2019

Lord of the ring: Mercedes

Mercedes Benz has snatched the crown for fastest SUV around the ring at the Nürburgring

Motoring 1 Mar 2019

Double drop-tops: McLaren

McLaren introduces its new 720S Spider and 600LT Spider models

Motoring 28 Feb 2019