Beast of prey: Ford

Ford is introducing a new version of its Raptor Ford F-150 pick-up truck to Europe for the first time

Motoring 16 Sep 2019

Ford F-150 pick-up truck

Ford F-150 pick-up truck

In the good old US of A, they have had a Raptor for years now. The humble, but nonetheless imposing, Ford F-150 pick-up truck is transformed from a commercial load lugger to a fire-breathing, thrill-seeking animal capable of blasting through extreme environments.

Ford has now graced Europe with a Raptor of its own based on the smaller Ranger crew-cab. It doesn’t get the screaming bonkers V6 engine of its American cousin but it’s a big step up from the basic hauler.

Channel your inner Bear Grylls and fill the back with your adventure weapon of choice, be it mountain bike, surfboard or kayak and head off in this go-anywhere plaything.