Five minutes with… Danilo Tersigni and Filippo Previero

The co-founders of VII Hills Italian Dry Gin on the importance of family, listening to music and getting a daily espresso fix

Food and Drink 10 May 2019

Danilo and Filippo founded VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
The pair are inspired by their Italian heritage

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given in your career and why? 

Filippo: If you keep comparing your life to someone else’s you will never be happy.

Danilo: The solution to a problem is to find the solution, not another problem.

Who is your role model and how have they influenced you in your work?

Filippo: I take my parents as the example to follow in life. They are hard workers, honest and always showing love for the people around them.

Danilo: My mum. She was and still is the main pillar of my family. A truly dedicated and loving person. She taught me how to deal with life when things get tough and to see the brighter side of things.

What ingredient can you not live without and why?

Filippo: My grandmother’s mix of herbs and spices.

Danilo: Definitely coffee, which runs deep in my Italian blood. I drink five or six espresso a day, no exaggeration! Also, chilli, any kind of it – it just makes everything more exciting.

What item, apart from your passport, can you not travel without?

Filippo: Definitely my headphones. I love music, any type of music. It relaxes me, helps me think and dream.

Danilo: My sunglasses, even though I tend to lose them quite often.

Where is your favourite place to eat in London?

Filippo: There is a little pizza place called Pappa Ciccia, near my flat in Putney, which I just love. It reminds me of my hometown.
Danilo: Nandos! You may be surprised by my answer, but I wanted to be honest. You can’t go wrong with Peri Peri chicken and chips – sometimes the simplest things are the best!

What do you like to do on a day off?

Filippo: I love to cook.

Danilo: Spending quality time with my wife Emma and my dog Spritz and playing golf.

Apart from food, what are your biggest passions?

Filippo: I grew up playing football, there is nothing like it that gives me so much adrenaline.

Danilo: Football and golf.

If you could choose anyone from today or history, who would be your ideal dinner party guest and why?

Filippo: Barack Obama – I would love to see the world through his eyes.

Danilo: My family, there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drinks around a table with the people you love.

Combining years of international expertise in the drinks industry as leading bartenders, and with a joint passion for their Italian heritage, Tersigni and Previero created VII Hills Italian Dry Gin five years ago;