Stand and deliver: plant deliveries

It is now easier than ever to get plants sent straight to your home

People 27 Mar 2019

A number of sites make getting plants delivered even more accessible

There is now so much more to plant delivery than a bunch of Interflora roses on Valentine’s Day. Plant delivery services vary in quality (always check out the reviews) and some of the best websites also offer advice on selection and plant care.

One of the most accessible websites is, with undaunting categories such as ‘Nice and easy!’ and ‘A low-maintenance housemate’, as well as seasonal deals if you buy several at once. has a clever website, which encourages you to buy not just plants, but a lifestyle. Each plant is placed in an immaculately-designed space, from the tall, spiky snake plant to the more dramatic bird of paradise. The website also offers a free houseplant video course.

Several mail-order companies also offer plant subscriptions. For £121.50, subscribers receive a surprise package in a handmade pot every month for six months. And allows you to pay monthly (£35) or annually (£370) for a surprise plant in a ceramic pot. The website also has an A-Z of plant care.

For those wanting indoor and outdoor plants that are carefully curated, has a good selection of patio plants, fruit trees and – if you are really pushed for space but want to up your vitamin intake – dwarf fruit trees.